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The Asterix Mailing List

The Asterix Mailing List was started in September 1996 by a group of six enthusiastic Dutch Asterix collectors. Asterix is the comic about the Gaulic warrior Asterix and the struggle of his tribe against the Roman occupiers of France around 50 bC. The comic is made by Rene Goscinny (1926-1977) and Albert Uderzo (1927).

The purpose of the mailing list is to discuss subjects that are related to Asterix and to give Asterix collectors a chance of finding fellow collectors which might be interested in exchanging Asterix albums and other Asterix objects.

The preferred language on the mailing list is English. However, if you feel that your active knowledge of English is not sufficient you can also use French.

If you want to subscribe to the Asterix Mailing List then please write a message to


with in the subject of the message the command "subscribe" To unsubscribe mail to the same address with "unsubscribe" in the subject. Messages for the Asterix Mailing List should be sent to asterix@lists.openscroll.org

It is also possible to (un)subscribe via a web interface.

In you are interested in Tintin: there is a mailing list about this character by Hergé from the Cult of Tintin (English).

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