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The International Asterix Page

This page contains information I have collected about the international issues of the comic Asterix the Gaul by René Goscinny (1926-1977) and Albert Uderzo (1927).

The original language of this comic is French. If you have comments on these Asterix pages you can enter them in my guestbook. You can also read the guestbook.

By the way, I am looking for Asterix albums in different translations. Currently I have albums in the original language French and in 53 translations: Afrikaans, Alsatian, Arabic, Asturian, Basque, Bengali, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Mandarin Chinese, Corsican, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English (UK), English (USA) Esperanto, Estonian, Finnish, Flemish, Frisian, Gaelic, Galician, German, Ancient Greek, Modern Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Latin, Limburgish, Luxembourgish, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumantsch, Russian, Saavvo, Saxon, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swabian, Swedish, Swiss German, Thai, Turkish, Twents, Vietnamese and Welsh. If you are able to get an album in a translation I do not have, I would be interested in exchanging it for a comic book in Swedish, Dutch or another language. Mail to erikt(at)xs4all.nl if you are interested.

These fine people and organizations already have helped me to expand my international Asterix collection: A/S Hjemmet-Serieforlaget (Norwegian), Egmond Polska Ltd. (Polish), Emilio Garcia-Ibanez Cisneros (Catalan), Fantask (Danish), Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom (Croatian, Gaelic, Luxembourgish, Russian and Welsh), Huub van Helvoort (Alsatian, Asturian, Saxon and Swabian), Kari Kahiluoto (Mandarin Chinese), Kukunor (Finnish), Mirko Lerotic Filho (Brazilian Portuguese), MK-Knjigarna Konzorcij (Slovenian), Muljadi Pinneng Sulungbudi (Indonesian; BTW he is interested in exchanging Asterix albums), Robin Sommeling (Estonian and Hungarian), Stanislav Stankovic (Serbian), Steven Wright (English), David Eisma (Swiss German), Christiane Gillieron (Rumantsch), Thomas Kinne (Hebrew), Arcan Ogutverici (Turkish), Frederic Garriga Xifré (Catalan), Ana Hermida (Galician and Portuguese), Coenie du Toit (Afrikaans), Dora Koraki (Greek), Tomi Väisälä (Finnish), Bert van der Meer (English USA), Manoj Shanker (Bengali), Angelika Kazhe (Latvian), Alvaro De Ory Ajamil (Basque, Saavo and Thai) and Rasa Biliunaite (Lithuanian). Thanks!

The people that want to buy Asterix books but have no store selling them in the near vicinity should take a look on Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom's International Asterix bookshop page.

If you are planning to go to Parc Astérix in France and need the address or travelling directions then please consult the Parc Asterix page of the Paris tourist office.

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The International Asterix Page: Links

In case you want to make a link to this list of Asterix sites, please use the URL:


I am trying to collect links to all Asterix web sites in this list. My favorite sites are printed in bold font. If you know a relevant site that I did not link, please mail the URL to erikt(at)xs4all.nl .

The numeric code before each item represents month in which the item was added to the list. Example: 9612 stands for December 1996. You can search for these month codes, pages in a specific language, characters, supplier names or parts of the url.

At this moment the list contains 115 items.

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