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Asterix in Mandarin Chinese

This page contains information I have collected about the Mandarin Chinese issues of the comic Asterix the Gaul by René Goscinny (1926-1977) and Albert Uderzo (1927). More information about the other language issues can be found on The International Asterix Page.

Main characters

The names of the main characters in Mandarin Chinese are:

Astérix:          Asterix in Mandarin Chinese   [Yali] 
Obélix:           Obelix in Mandarin Chinese   [Oubi]
Panoramix:        Panoramix in Mandarin Chinese   [Peng Laoye]   (master Peng)
Assurancetourix:  Assurancetourix in Mandarin Chinese   [Yale] 
Abraracourcix:    Abraracourcix in Mandarin Chinese   [Abula]
Jules César:      Julius Caesar in Mandarin Chinese   [Kaisa Dadi]   (Caesar the great emperor)

The pronunciation of the names is included between square brackets and the literal translation of the Chinese names has been shown between round brackets.

I am still looking for the Chinese names of Idéfix, Agecanonix, Cétautomatix, Ordralfabétix, Bonemine and Ielosubmarine. I am also interested in finding out the pronunciation of these names and the literal translation into English if it makes any sense. If you have more information on this you can mail me at erikt(at)xs4all.nl .

Ils sont fous ces Romains!

The translation of Obelix's motto "Ils sont fous ces Romains!" in Mandarin Chinese is:

Ils sont fous ces Romains! in Mandarin Chinese [Zhexie Luomaren zen guai!]
The literal meaning of this motto is: "These Romans are funny!". The four English words in this sentence can be mapped to 2, 3, 1 and 1 Chinese characters respectively.

Credits: Kari Kahiluoto has sent me an Asterix album in Mandarin Chinese. Hong Liang Qiao has provided Pinyin (Romanized Chinese writing system) versions of the names and the translations to English.

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