The Smurfs

Smurfs are small blue creatures. The live in Smurf village somewhere in the woods. They speak Smurf language which is like your language except that some words are replaced by the word smurf. You can take a look at a page with subtitles (2x40kB and 1x60kB inline images).

The books that appeared in this sequence are:

  1. De zwarte smurfen (The black smurfs)
  2. De smurffürher (The smurffürher)
  3. De smurfin (The smurfette)
  4. Het ei en de smurfen (The egg and the smurfs)
  5. De smurfen en de Krwakakrwa (The smurfs and the Krwakakrwa)
  6. De ruimtesmurf (The space smurf)
  7. De leerling-smurf (The student smurf)
  8. Dat moet je smurfen (Smurf this)
  9. Smurfe koppen en koppige smurfen (Smurfy heads and stubborn smurfs)
  10. Smurfensoep (Smurf soup)
  11. De Olympische Smurfen (The Olympic Smurfs)
  12. De baby smurf (The baby smurf)
  13. De smurfjes (The little smurfs)
  14. The vliegsmurf (The flying smurf)
  15. Een kusje voor de smurfin (A kiss for the smurfette)
  16. Baby smurf wil een beer (Baby smurf wants a bear)
  17. De geldsmurf (The money smurf)
  18. De juwelen-smurfer (The jewel smurf)
  19. Dokter smurf (Doctor smurf)
  20. De wilde smurf (The wild smurf)
  21. De smurfendreiging (The smurf threat)
  22. Alles smurft vanzelf (Everything smurfs by itself)

The smurfs have been created by Peyo (Pierre Culliford). Currently they are been produced by a team of artists among which Thierry Culliford, Peyo's son.

Original Smurf names

The Smurfs stories were originally written in French. The French name of the Smurfs is Les Schtroumpfs. The following overview of French names has been supplied by Jerome Buyle:

Baby Smurf              Bébé Schtroumpf
Papa Smurf              Le Grand-Schtroumpf
The Baking Smurf        Le Schtroumpf cuisinier
The Brainy Smurf        Le Schtroumpf à lunettes
The Clumsy Smurf        Le Schtroumpf maladroit
The Dandy Smurf         Le Schtroumpf coquet
The Dreamy Smurf        Le Schtroumpf rêveur
The Farmer Smurf        Le Schtroumpf paysan
The Funny Smurf         Le Schtroumpf farceur
The Gastronomic Smurf   Le Schtroumpf gourmand
The Handy Smurf         Le Schtroumpf bricoleur
The Lazy Smurf          Le Schtroumpf paresseux
The Smurfette           La Schtroumpfette
The Strong Smurf        Le Schtroumpf costaud
The Stupid Smurf        Le Schtroumpf beta
The Tinker Smurf        Le Schtroumpf grognon

According to Anna Sacchetti the Italian name for Smurfs is Puffi. Luis Suarez has supplied the Spanish name: Pitufo and the name in Catalán: Barrufet. Thanks to Jim Rago for correcting two of the English names. Tony Bussières came forward with eight more Smurf names.


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