Translated page of The Unnamables (Les Innommables)

This is page 12 of book 3 of De onnoembaren, title: Gele Geschiedenis (Yellow history) by Yann (Yannick le Pennetier, image, 18kB) and Conrad (Didier Conrad, image, 34kB). General information about this comic can be found on this Unnamables page.

Meanwhile a crazy pursuit starts

Tony: Shit. Too late.

Mac:  Damn! I caught him and suddenly... gone!
Tony: Mac!!
Mac:  What?
Tony: Can you take the girl out of the water?
Mac:  Ok.
Somewhat later.
Mac:  She still is breathing.
Tim:  We beat them!

Tony: I know her... I believe her name is Alix. She's
      working for a Chinese.
Tony: What to do now? And where are the others?!...
Mac:  The others? Well... I've no idea.
Tim:  We've snatched them, ddin't we Mac!?
Tony: Bah... The sharks probably did!
Mac:  What?

Tony: Yes the sharks... From the time they've started
      throwing garbage of the dance school in the water
      they've known this spot...
Mac:  You could have told me that before I jumped in the
      water with these guys, Tony!...
Tony: Well, I guess you're right...
Tony: How careless of me.
Tim:  We are the strongest, aren't we Mac? Aren't we?

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