The Unnamables (Les Innommables)

In the announcement before the appearance of Number Triple Zero, an adventure of Chuck Willys in the Robbedoes (Spirou) magazine of February 7, 1980, Conrad (Didier Conrad, image, 34kB) and Yann (Yannick le Pennetier, image, 18kB) were introduced young rebellions who had no respect for anything or anyone. And their comic evolved accordingly... Already at the first strip of the comic its main character, the heroic captain Chuck Willys, was run over by a car and taken to the hospital. He never came back. From then on the comic focussed on three nobodies: fat and serious Junior Nick Mac Buttle (Mac), midget Tim O'Rey (Tim) and Casanova Tony Key (Tony). The three were in military prison because they refused to follow orders.

The cast: from left to right Tim, Tony and Mac

The army period in the comic is portrayed amusingly. Misuse of power, blackmail, pestering, overambitious lieutenants, crazy boxing matches, all these are brought in an absurd way which helps to make the comic hilarious. Conrad and Yann create characters with great facial expressions. But even more interesting and funny are the absurd conversations in the comic:

At the army base...

  • We need a volunteer to explain this case... Whose idea was it to play Russian roulette with the rockets?
  • Sam's!... But he lost!...

The army period ended when Mac, Tim and Tony were demobilized. They started a detective agency and were able to solve an assassination attempt on a US governor. They got into some trouble because of this and went back to the army safe-haven. This concludes the first history which was never published in a book on its own (it is an appendix in book 9).

During the assassination investigation...

  • What kind of car?...
  • A white one!
  • Don't you remember the brand?
  • Like the car was kind of white!...
  • Well... thanks. I'm sorry if I caused you any inconvenience!...
  • I tell you the car was white...
    And if you want I can give you the license plate number...

At the investigation office for the crime...

  • We have a culprit!
  • No one could have foreseen that!
  • Damn! These confession papers are shocking! And they are signed by the head of the FBI!
  • So you mean that this miserable heap lying down here is...?... No?...

The second history (Shukumei) and the third history (Yellow History) were published in two books. Conrad and Yan promised a fourth book of the series that now became known as The Unnamables (Dutch: De onnoembaren; French: Les Innommables). This book was published in 1995. Four more books followed. In the later books our three heroes move around in South East Asia seemingly in a quest for Mac's love, the Chinese girl Alix.

The books that appeared in this sequence are:

  1. Matricule Triple Zeró (Number Triple Zero)
  2. Shukumeï (Shukumeï)
  3. Gele geschiedenis (Yellow history)
  4. De schedel van vader Zé (The skull of father Zé)
  5. Ching Soao (Ching Soao)
  6. De purperen lotus (The purple lotus)
  7. Alix-Noni-Tengu (Alix-Noni-Teng)
  8. Gele geschiedenis (Yellow history)
  9. Beerput (Cesspool)
  10. Zonderkaak (Withoutjaw)

The titles of albums 4, 5 and 6 have been supplied by Gert Meesters and the title on book 7 has been provided by Gorik De Samblanx.

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