Clifton was first created by Macherot. Turk and De Groot took over the comic in 1970. From 1983 (album 10) Bedu (real name Bernard Dumont) took over from draughtsman Turk. Clifton is a real British colonel-detective who experiences a lot of comical adventures. Other comics by Turk and De Groot are Leonardo and Robin Hoed.

The books that have appeared in this sequence are:

  1. Dear Mr. Wilkinson
  2. De lachende dief
  3. 7 dagen om te sterven
  4. Alias lord X
  5. Hartkloppingen
  6. Een panter voor de kolonel
  7. Sir Jason
  8. Week-end om te doden
  9. Kidnapping
  10. Uit de oude doos
  11. Geheugenverlies
  12. Laatste voorstelling
  13. Matoutou-Falaise
  14. De Mc Gregor Clan (Prijs beste scenario Koksijde 1992)
  15. een fataal spel
  16. De kus van de Cobra

Books 1 to 9 have been made by Turk and De Groot, books 10 to 13 by Bedu and De Groot and from book 14 onwards the books have been made by Bedu on his own. Album 14 got the Koksijde price for best script in 1992.

Other Clifton issues: In Collectie Jong Europa: (6) Op speurtocht met kolonel Clifton (1961) and (15) Clifton in New York (1962), and in series Pourquoi Pas: (3) Clifton tegen de spionnen (1965). These three albums of Macherot where published again in 1981 but together in one cover(By Lombard).

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