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TdF Stage 21: July 23, 2017

Marcel Spanjer of The Netherlands has won the Internet Tour de France Game 2017. In the final stage, the Dutchman finished outside of the top 100 but his advantage built in the earlier stages was enough to claim his first game victory after participating 23(!) times. Mojho Cz (Czech Republic) finished overall second in the game at 8 points while game veteran Cameron Henderson (Australia) claimed third place, just like in 2016. Overall second after yesterday's stage, Frank Koper (The Netherlands), dropped to fourth after today's stage.

The 21st and final stage from Montgeron to Paris (103 km) resulted in the expected sprint finish. With favorite Marcel Kittel out of the race, the sprint was completely open. The stage was won by the young Dylan Groenewegen of The Netherlands. Chris Froome of the United Kingdom took home the yellow jersey. Roberto Uran (Colombia) and Romain Bardet (France) finished overall second and third. Michael Matthews (Australia) won the green jersey for best sprinter, Warren Barguil (France) claimed the polkadot jersey for best climber and the white jersey for best young rider was awarded to Simon Yates (United Kingdom).

In the game, stage 21 was won by Bastin Verweij of The Netherlands. This is his 17th stage win, equalling the all-time game record of Erix Schokker (The Netherlands). Fioara Reidt (The Netherlands) claimed second place while third place was shared by Amy Bruning (UK/Scotland) and Jörgen Jonzon (Sweden). Only one point separated the numbers 1 and 2 and 2 and 3.

With this final Tour stage, the Internet Tour de France Game 2017 has come to an end. Thank you all for participating. See you all in 2018 in the 25th edition of the game!

Stage 21: July 23, 2017

  1. D. Groenewegen
  2. A. Greipel
  3. E. Boasson
  4. N. Bouhanni
  5. A. Kristoff
  6. B. Bozic
  7. D. Cimolai
  8. P. Perichon
  9. R. Selig
  10. D. Bennati

Results stage 21: July 23, 2017 (Top 100)

   1.  48 Bastin Verweij (The Netherlands)
   2.  47 Fioara Reidt (The Netherlands)
   3.  46 Amy Bruning (UK/Scotland)
       46 Jörgen Jonzon (Sweden)
   5.  45 Matt McClain (USA)
   6.  44 Debbie Rowling (UK/England)
       44 Marina Frankova (Ukraine)
   8.  43 Majda Cepeljnik (Slovenia)
   9.  42 Anja Lex (Germany)
  10.  41 Gert Bernstein (USA)
       41 Wim Penninx (The Netherlands)
  12.  40 Karolina Tobiasson (Sweden)
       40 Nicola Stout (New Zealand)
       40 Rien Post (The Netherlands)
  15.  39 Balazs Barna (Hungary)
       39 Clement Lee (Singapore)
       39 Neil Pickup (UK)
       39 Pac Pac (France)
  19.  38 Bert Meeus (Belgium)
       38 Danica Fuhlendorff (New Zealand)
       38 Francis Lee (France)
       38 Frans Meeus (Belgium)
  23.  37 Bert Otten (The Netherlands)
       37 Paige Dusyk (Canada)
       37 Wim Reidt (Germany)
  26.  36 Erix Schokker (The Netherlands)
       36 Jolanda Prins (The Netherlands)
       36 Lord Vader (United Nations)
       36 M. Balon (USA)
       36 Matt Pickford (UK)
       36 Michael Jiggins (Canada)
       36 Michal Barla (Slovakia)
       36 Tako Molanus (The Netherlands)
       36 Thomas Storrødvann (Norway)
  35.  35 Cameron Henderson (Australia)
       35 Christopher Yaure (USA)
       35 Larsa Stridh (Sweden)
       35 M. Bandrowski (Canada)
       35 Mojho Cz (Czech Republic)
  40.  34 Bojan Kozelj (Slovenia)
       34 Emanuel Correia (Portugal)
       34 Francois Deldycke (Germany)
       34 Jonathan Peeters (USA)
  44.  33 Roger Cageot (France)
       33 Sapna Sanagavarapu (USA)
       33 Simon White (France)
       33 Xiaojun Creemers (The Netherlands)
  48.  32 Bret Jaeger (USA)
       32 Derek Seow (Australia)
       32 Jim Green (USA)
       32 Marcy Dalton (Canada)
       32 Matthieu Jouan (France)
       32 Nick Walker (UK/Northern Ireland)
       32 R. Martin (The Netherlands)
       32 Rajce Zdravi (Czech Republic)
  56.  31 A. Martin (The Netherlands)
       31 Francis Stalpers (The Netherlands)
       31 Pål Omnes Kjerpeseth (Norway)
       31 Ton de Groot (The Netherlands)
  60.  30 Chris Hoekwater (USA)
       30 Hans Reidt (The Netherlands)
       30 Jim Moore (USA)
       30 Kirk Schaubmayer (USA)
       30 Michael McQuillen (USA)
       30 Susan Cockroft (USA)
       30 Wil Gommans (The Netherlands)
  67.  29 Chad Lennon (Canada)
       29 Hugo Paulissen (Belgium)
       29 Silvia Sepulcre Gonzàlez (Spain)
  70.  28 A.C. di Tonio (The Netherlands)
       28 Carlos Girao (Portugal)
       28 Daan Creemers (The Netherlands)
       28 Edwin Bauer (Germany)
       28 James David Lasiter (USA)
       28 Jonathan Bertram (Australia)
       28 Karel Bosman (The Netherlands)
       28 Liam Evans (France)
       28 Marko Tukic (Croatia)
       28 Martin Evans (UK)
       28 Matt Makou (France)
       28 Remi Lesage (France)
  82.  27 Arthur Denneman (The Netherlands)
       27 Dimitri van Agterveld (The Netherlands)
       27 Edwin Saunders (South Africa)
       27 Jesper Fuhlendorff (New Zealand)
       27 Paul Evans (France)
       27 Paul Schlösser (The Netherlands)
       27 Ronnie VanHemert (USA)
       27 Stacy Schaubmayer (USA)
  90.  26 Anton Krijgsman (The Netherlands)
       26 Michael Botzet (Germany)
       26 Michel Oberson (Switzerland)
       26 Phil Hamilton (UK)
       26 Robin van Koert (The Netherlands/USA)
  95.  25 Anton Cozijnsen (Australia)
       25 Barbara Cromer (USA)
       25 Gerard Voorintholt (The Netherlands)
       25 Randall Cockroft (USA)
       25 Rens Jan Piket (The Netherlands)
 100.  24 Jeroen van Koert (Australia)
       24 Johan van Ommen (The Netherlands)
       24 Karsten Sorst (Germany)
       24 Ken Charbonneau (USA)
       24 Luke Macpherson (New Zealand)
       24 Malcolm Owen (Canada)
       24 Paul Ryan (Australia)
       24 Roberto Sabadini (Italy)
       24 Ron Collingwood (New Zealand)

Complete Stage Results

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