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About smilies

We use the public domain smilies Smileys Collection 9 available on Big-Boards which among others is used at the Dutch site Fok. In order to use the smilies, you need to include codes in your message. Here is a list of available smilies and their codes:

:)smiley   :+smiley   ;)smiley   :(smiley
:Dsmiley   :Psmiley   :osmiley   :'(smiley
:{smiley   ;(smiley   O+smiley   :*smiley
:9smiley   :7smiley   8-)smiley   *)smiley
})smiley   |:(smiley   8)7smiley   :?smiley
O-)smiley   :9~smiley   :rsmiley   ):Osmiley
:xsmiley   :Zsmiley   :zsmiley   :Ysmiley
_O_smiley   :Osmiley   >:)smiley   (8>smiley

So the code :) in your message will be replaced by smiley . Code :+ will be replaced by smiley, and so on.

Last update: June 26, 2010. erikt(at)xs4all.nl