Translated page of Steven Sterk

This is page 41 of book 3 of Steven Sterk, title: De twaalf werken van Steven Sterk (Steven Strong's twelve tasks) by Peyo (Pierre Culliford) and François Walthery. Steven Sterk's original name in French is Benoît Brisefer.

Steven:  Gee... Mr. Pijpers fell asleep.
Steven:  Then I'm going for a walk!

Steven:  They... They've released the other carriages!

Steven:  Dreadful! This is just like the adventures of 
         Tintin! These criminals want to cause an 
         accident! I would stake my head on that!
Steven:  Just like I've said. No engine-driver around!

Steven:  This train has to stop before it derails! But
         where are the brakes? Perhaps this handle?

Steven:  No, I don't think it was that... At least not
         like that!
Steven:  So...

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