Jean Valhardi

Scenario: J.M. Charlier, Yvan Delporte and Mouminoux
Images: Jije (i.e. Joseph Gillain) and Eddy Paape in some albums

Adventures of the "chic" insurance inspector Jean Valhardi in later albums accompanied by the newspaper reporter Gegene.

Created by Jije in 1941 and published in Spirou magazine in Belgium. In the years following WW II, E. Paape briefly took over the responsibilty for the images. Most of the adventures that were published by the Belgian publisher Dupuis later on are still in print. Altogether a total of 15 albums have been published so far with the following titles:

  1. Soleil noir (Jije)
  2. Le gang du diamant (Charlier & Jije)
  3. Le chateau maudit (Charlier & Paape)
  4. L'affaire barnes (Jije)
  5. Le rayon super gamma (Charlier & Paape)
  6. La machine a conquerir le monde (Charlier & Paape)
  7. Le mauvais oeil (Jije)
  8. Le secret de Neptune (Jije)
  9. Rendez-vous sur le yukon (Jije)
  10. Le naufrageur aux yeux vides (Duchateau & Follet) *
  11. Le retour de valhardi (Mouminoux & Jije)
  12. Le grand rush (Mouminoux & Jije)
  13. Le duel des idoles (Mouminoux & Jije)
  14. Un gosse a abattre (Stoquart & Folet) *
  15. Jean Valhardi et les etres de la foret (Delporte & Paape)

* scenarist and artist for later titles but with a sharp decrease in the quality of scenario, dessins, the theme, as well as a change in the characteristics of the hero and the lack of his companion...

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