Translated page of January Jones

This is page 26 of book 2 of January Jones, title: De schedel van sultan Mkwawa (The skull of sultan Mkwawa) by Eric Heuvel and Martin Lodewijk.

January:    I was only testing the fire-escape.
January:    Call the police! There are burglars in my 
clerk:      Madame! Again?!
waiter:     It seems that you're more popular than 
            Josephine Baker!
clerk:      Can I have the police please...
January:    They're coming down!

January:    Ssht!

Somewhat later...

policeman:  You again?!
January:    They're gone officer. But this time they've 
            left a trail!

January:    Look at the mess they've made in my room!
policeman:  Mille de millards!
policeman:  Ahem!
policeman:  Come on Thompson. I guess they've never 
            heard of cleaning ladies in the US.
January:    But... But I assure you monsieur...
January:    One of the intruders was housekeeper at 
            professor Fromental's! He must of have 
            cleaned up the place!

January:    How stupid of me! I should have shown the 
            cut mattress to the police!
January:    First I'll see how far Rik is with repairing 
            the Comet... After the light show of Vincennes 
            we'll see if we can solve the mystery of the 
            burglars and the skull.
January:    What is happening near our hangar?

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