Translated page of Jan, Jans en de kinderen

This is page 436 of the Dutch collection book Cartoon Aid featuring Jan, Jans en de kinderen (Jan, Jans and their children) by Jan Kruis.

Catootje: Look grandpa, that's a pitbull.
Grandpa:  That little doggie?
Man:      Watch your words old man. Otherwise I'll
          make the "little doggie" grab you.

Man:      And whatever he grabs he'll never let loose
          Whether it's your arm or your leg...!
Grandpa:  I find it hard to believe that.
Man:      I'll show you something. Rambo..! Bite..!

Man:      And now I can shout as much as I want. He won't
          let loose... It can take a quarter of an hour.
Grandpa:  A quarter of an hour?
Man:      You better believe it! And if I train him more
          he'll manage this a full hour.

Man:      Rambo.. Bite.. Loose.. Help!
Grandpa:  Haha!
Catootje: Run grandpa..!
Grandpa:  We have another ten minutes to get home.

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