The comic Jaap by Deliége is about a prisoner of the jail Inzepocket (= in the pocket). Jaap always tries to escape on various manners mostly by digging. He gets help from outside of his assistent Kees but Kees always messes up. Typical figures are also the prison's manager who is very found of pies, Joop the prison's bully and Stonie the warden, who always carries a stone with him.

The Dutch name for this series is Jaap. The French name for the series is Bobo.

The books that appeared in this sequence are:

  1. Jaap vliegt eruit (Jaap flies out)
  2. De Zee in (Into the sea)
  3. Wat 'n troep (What a mess)
  4. De vrijheid op zak (Freedom in your pocket)
  5. Naar de maan (To the moon)
  6. De levende kanonskogel (The living canonball)
  7. De nobele nor (The nobel jail)
  8. De vrijwilliger (The volunteer)
  9. De beroeps (The professional)
  10. Het opvliegende tapijt (The short-tempered carpet)
  11. De handenloper (The man who walks on his hands)
  12. Tussen 4 muren (Between four walls)
  13. Een vreemde vogel (A strange bird)
  14. Een muur te hoog (A wall too high)
  15. Rijk zijn kost geld (Being rich requires money)

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