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The Oriental stories about the great vizier Iznogoud (Is no good) who tries to overthrow calif Harun Al Sindar with help of his unintelligent assistant who in Swedish has the name Brah At Hamed (Good to have along). Created by script writer René Goscinny (1926-1977) with images by Jean Tabary (1930).

At least eight albums have been issued in this series. Here are the Swedish titles with English translations. Note that the original language of the comic is French.

  1. Iznogoud går på pumpen (Iznogoud makes a blunder)
  2. Iznogoud den förskräkliga (Iznogoud the Terrible)
  3. Kusliga komplotter (Weird plots)
  4. Iznogoud och den magiska maskinen (Iznogoud and the magical machine)
  5. Iznogoud och den magiska moroten (Iznogoud and the magic carrot)
  6. Allting upp och ner (Everything up and down)
  7. Iznogoud och den flygande mattan (Iznogoud and the flying carpet)
  8. Iznogoud och den felande fén (Iznogoud and the failing fairy)

The titles for number five and number six have been supplied by Tonne Bonne. Number seven and eight have been supplied by Lars.


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