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This is page 21 of book 3 of Isabelle (Dutch: Isabel), title: De hekserij van oom Hermes (The witchcraft of uncle Hermes) by Will (Willy Maltaite), André Franquin, Yvan Delporte and Raymond Macherot.

In the drawing-room of the young Calendula right under the
the gruffy portrait of her ancestor the engagement party is
reaching its end. Isabel and aunt Ursula are the only family
members of uncle Hermes that were invited.

Isabel:      I've made both of you a shawl. But ehm... one is
             not finished yet...
Hermes:      My dear Calendula you really spoiled me with this
             tie-pin. A beautiful pearl!
Ursula:      ...I've made you a black-berry cake!
Ursula:      I'll give you the recipe. You know that the love
             of a man goes through his stomach...
Hermes:      ...And this is for you dear! A bottle of powerful
             beauty potion. I've used a new procedure for
             making it...

Calendula:   Hermes! You're so considerate!
Ursula:      O children! If only you know how glad I am seeing
             you as happy as this!
Hermes:      I should say one thing. Every time I visit this
             place I'm not feeling at ease under the portrait of
             the old bitch over there...
Calendula:   Well Hermes, she's my great grandmother...

Hermes:      It would be a relieve if that terrible thing was
             somewhere on the attic...

Is it true?... Is there really a cold gaze appearing in the eyes
of the portrait?

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