Great comic starring the cat Heinz. Heinz was probably inspired by Garfield but contrary to Garfield Heinz lives on his own without a boss. Other important figures of the comic are Fritz the cat, Judocus the turtle and the intelligent Ape. The Dutch Heinz creators Eddie de Jong and Rene Windig both work on drawings and scripts. They are producing a hilarious comic by using only a few words and a few lines.


In this series more than 20 books have been issued. From number 11 onwards the books have a standard A4 format with the pages glued together at the long side. The pages of the first edition of books 1 to 10 were glued together at the short side. In the second issue these books have the same format as books 11 and onwards.

  1. Heinz (Heinz)
  2. Heinz Ahoy! (Heinz Ahoy!)
  3. Beau Heinz (Beau Heinz)
  4. Te Gek Heinz (Crazy Heinz)
  5. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Heinz (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Heinz)
  6. Het is Heinz (It is Heinz)
  7. Heinz Parade (Heinz Parade)
  8. Circus Heinz (Circus Heinz)
  9. Sex (Sex)
  10. Groente & Fruit (Vegetables & Fruit)
  11. Puppy love (Puppy love)
  12. Goeie bak (Good joke)
  13. Jazz (Jazz)
  14. Hij wel (He does)
  15. Gold (Gold)
  16. De katten hebben ogen (The cats have eyes)
  17. Heinz, Heinz en de kinderen (Heinz, Heinz and the children)
  18. Da draussen lauft ein Schaf (A sheep walks outside)
  19. Langs plag en knotwilg (Beside the willows)
  20. Proost, Heinz! (Cheers, Heinz!)
  21. Smurfeiland (Smurf Island)
  22. Marsmannetjes op de maan (Man from Mars on the Moon)
  23. Braveu, Heinz! (Hurraey, Heinz!)
  24. Sokko moet naar Krokko (Sokko must go to Krokko)
    Niet zeuren, Heinz! (Don't whine, Heinz!)

Coen v/d Geest has supplied two titles. There also is a special jubilee book with the title De stomme wereld van Heinz (The Stupid World of Heinz). The book appeared in 1993. All Heinz books are published by publisher Oog & Blik.

A Heinz strip...

Heinz:  Doctor, apart from my head everything hurts!
Doctor: [POK!]
Heinz:  Now that's a no-nonsense solution.


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