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Belgian Celebrities Quiz

Edition: Sunday August 25, 2019

Welcome to the Belgian Celebrities Quiz at ifarm.nl! Can you identify these ten famous Belgians?

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Good luck!


Magda Aelvoet
Roos Van Acker
Mieke Vogels
Veerle Dejaeghere
Ann Ceurvels
* None of the above *

Freya Van den Bossche
Els Callens
Margriet Hermans
Axelle Red
Martine Tanghe
* None of the above *

Daniella Somers
Kim Clijsters
Kristl Strubbe
Sandra Stals
Goedele Liekens
* None of the above *

Johan Vande Lanotte
Willy Claes
Patrick Dewael
Elio di Rupo
Luc Nilis
* None of the above *

Stefaan De Clerck
Lieven Van Gils
Jan Hoet
Karl Vannieuwkerke
Maurice Maeterlinck
* None of the above *

Jacky Ickx
Bert De Graeve
Herman Brusselmans
Jo De Meyere
Eddy Merckx
* None of the above *

Geert Bourgeois
Jonathan Nsenga
Joël Smets
Branko Strupar
King Leopold II
* None of the above *

Patrik Vankrunkelsven
Bert Anciaux
Mohammed Mourhit
Thierry Boutsen
Bob Peeters
* None of the above *

Georges Simenon
Raymond Goethals
Jan Ceulemans
Luc Van Den Bossche
Pol Hauspie
* None of the above *

Henri La Fontaine
Jan Van Rompaey
Stijn Meuris
Marc Van Peel
Filip Meirhaeghe
* None of the above *

Many of these images have appeared in the magazine Humo. Others have been collected from various web sources. Use the submission form for notifying us about famous Belgians we might have forgotten to include here. Background information on some of these Belgian celebrities can be found at the Famous Belgians page by Marc Tielemans and at the Belgian government site. You might also want to take a look at the Famous Belgians list.
Last update: Sunday August 25, 2019. erikt(at)xs4all.nl