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The Orange Movie Quiz: Actors

Edition: Saturday September 26, 2020

Welcome to the Orange Movie Quiz at ifarm.nl! In this part of the quiz the goal is to guess the names of ten actors. We also have sections available where you can try to find the names of ten actresses or the titles of ten movies.

Don't forget to bookmark this page so that you can visit us again tomorrow when we will offer you ten other questions.

Good luck!


Jeremy Renner
Christopher Waltz
Chadwick Boseman
Jason Robards
Will Kane
* None of the above *

Rick Moranis
Joe Pesci
Don Cheadle
Michael C. Hall
Mark Hamill
* None of the above *

Harrison Ford
Dennis Farina
Judd Nelson
Anthony Hopkins
Stanley Motts
* None of the above *

Gabriel Byrne
Ivan Danko
Johnny Weismuller
Timothy Spall
Kevin Spacey
* None of the above *

Sam Neill
Ted Danson
Douglas Quaid
Burt Lancaster
Jason Segel
* None of the above *

Spencer Tracy
Jeroen Krabbe
Jack Palance
Peter Sellers
Leonard Nimoy
* None of the above *

Richard Burton
Paul Reubens
John Cusack
Mark Rylance
Dennis Quaid
* None of the above *

Brian Dennehy
Jack Nicholson
Leslie Nielsen
Woody Allen
Anthony Perkins
* None of the above *

Jeff Bridges
Ken Watanabe
Bruce Willis
Jeff Goldblum
Jerry Mulligan
* None of the above *

Peter Fonda
Eddie Murphy
Martin Brody
Reinaldo Arenas
John Wayne
* None of the above *

The images on this page have been collected from different web sources. Use the submission form for notifying us about important movies we might have forgotten to include here. This quiz has been based on the Who can It Be Now? quiz at The '80s Server. Other movie quizzes can be accessed via the overview pages by Ray Hamel, DMOZ, Thinks.com and Bored.com. You may want to try the Huge Movie Quiz, the All Time Movie Quiz, Cinema Bytes and FilmWise. General movie information can be found at the Internet Movie Database and at the Movie Magazine International site.
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