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PhD defense Nina Ouddeken

Nina Ouddeken - Voicing in translation On Monday 10 December 2018, our Maps and Grammar colleague Nina Ouddeken successfully defended her PhD thesis Voicing in translation at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. The promotors were M. van Oostendorp and R. D’Allessandro, and the reading committee consisted of P. Fikkert (head), B. Alder, J. Grijzenhout, S. Hamann and R. van Hout. F Hinskens was one of the other people joining the committee in the corona. The candidate was faced with some some difficult questions and managed to answer them well. Upon the reception of the diploma she received a loud applause from family, friends and colleagues.

Ouddeken is the second of the two Maps and Grammar PhD students to finish her thesis project. Earlier in 2018, Lotte Dros-Hendriks defended her thesis in Leiden.