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PhD defense Lotte Dros-Hendriks

Lotte Dros-Hendriks - Not another book on Verb Raising On Wednesday 7 February 2018, our Maps and Grammar colleague Lotte Dros-Hendriks successfully defended her PhD thesis Not another book on Verb Raising in Leiden. S. Barbiers and H. Bennis were the promotors of the thesis and L. Cheng, M. Bader, J. van Craenenbroeck, J. Doetjes, A. Liptak, M. Salzmann and J. Zwart were members of the thesis committee. The defense went smoothly and the candidate received several compliments on her excellent work.

Dros-Hendriks is the first of the two Maps and Grammar students to defend her thesis. The thesis is available in PDF format. Hard copies can be ordered from the LOT Graduate School.