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The Noose of the Hanged

This album contains seven short stories:

  • The Noose of the Hanged (7 pages): Lucky Luke meets rope salesman Hazzlit.
  • The Daltons Catch a Train (6 pages): The Dalton brothers attempt a train robbery.
  • The Avenger (7 pages): Luke encounters the clumsy avenger Ziezo.
  • The Camel's Mine (6 pages): introduces camel driver Hadji.
  • The Settlement (7 pages): Luke gets into trouble with a rancher.
  • The Path of the Word (4 pages): our cowboy meets a ambitious evangelist.
  • Li-Chi's Story (8 pages): presents the problems of living in an all-Asian city in the Wild West.


Drawings: Morris
Script: Vicq (1), Goscinny (2+3), Martin Lodewijk (5) and Dom Domi (6)
Release: 1981

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