Perl Tips

This file contains some tips for the students of the Perl course taught at CNTS, University of Antwerp.


After installing ActivePerl and SynEdit on Windows 98, you will obtain a SynEdit option in your Programs menu. Use this for starting SynEdit. You will use this program both for editing and running Perl. In order to do the latter, you must create a file perlbat.bat in the directory Perl with the following content:

   @echo off
   perl -w %1

and set the "Close on exit" property of this file. Then you need to define the default compiler under the Advanced menu of SynEdit as

   perlbat.bat %f

As soon as you have done that, you will be able to run your Perl programs with the "Run Default Compiler" under the same menu or by pressing F8.

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Last update: February 11, 2000.