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LTP2005: Evaluation results

This page contains the evaluation results for the course Language Technology Project 2005 that was taught in the final four weeks of the first semester of the educational year 2004-2005 at the University of Amsterdam. The purpose of this page is to give a summarized overview of the responses of the students on the course. Only answers to multiple choice questions have been listed here.


  1. The planning of the project I consider: (poor, neutral, good).
  2. The link with other classes I consider: (poor, neutral, good).
  3. The project is well organized as to the presentation of subject matter and the assignment:s (not true, neutral, agreed).
  4. Our team did work in a cooperative atmosphere: (not true, neutral, agreed).
  5. The cooperation in our team had a positive effect on the project results: (not true, neutral, agreed).
  6. I give the teacher of the course the following grade: (1-10).
  7. The projects are well organized as to means of literature, readers, lab sessions: (not true, neutral, agreed).
  8. The number of credit points in relation to the level and the amount of work for this project was: (too much, good, too little)
  9. How many hours on average did you spend on this project?
  10. The assessment is well in tune with the subject matter of the project: (not true, neutral, agreed).
  11. My own contributions to the project have been assessed in a fair way: (not true, neutral, agreed).
  12. My interest in the subject has: (decreased, remained, increased).
  13. In this project I have learned about co-operation, delegation and planning of activities: (too little, enough, a lot).
  14. All in all I give this project the following grade: (1-10).


                 Q1   Q2   Q3   Q4   Q5   Q7  Q10  Q11  
good/agreed       8    4    7    5    5    1    4    3
neutral/neutral   0    4    1    3    2    6    3    5
poor/not true     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
no answer         0    0    0    0    1    1    1    0
avg(-100,+100) +100  +50  +88  +63  +63  +13  +50  +38

Q6:  6:1; 7:3; 8:1; 9:3.               Average: 78
Q8:  good:8
Q9:  15-20h:1; 20-25h:3; 25-35h:4.     Average: 26h
Q12: remained:4; increased:4.          Average: +50
Q13: too little:2; enough:2; a lot:4.  Average: +25
Q14: 6:1; 7:3; 8:4.                    Average: 74

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