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Stage winners Internet TdF Game 2018

This is a list of people that have won a stage in the Internet Tour de France Game 2018. This page also includes an overview of the players that were first in the overall ranking after each stage. Note that the first two stages do not take part in the game.

Stage Winner                               Overall leader
  4.  Noah Verweij (The Netherlands)       Noah Verweij (The Netherlands)
      Xiaojun Creemers (The Netherlands)   Xiaojun Creemers (The Netherlands)
  5.  Bastin Verweij (The Netherlands)     Roger Cageot (France)
  6.  Jeroen van Koert (Australia)         Jeroen van Koert (Australia)
  7.  Anja Lex (Germany)                   Jeroen van Koert (Australia)
  8.  Christopher Yaure (USA)              Roger Cageot (France)
  9.  Matt Makou (France)                  Roger Cageot (France)
 10.  Bastin Verweij (The Netherlands)     Jeroen van Koert (Australia)
      Brian Grant (UK/Scotland)
 11.  John Wood (France)                   Jeroen van Koert (Australia)
 12.  Edward Quan (Canada)                 Jeroen van Koert (Australia)
 13.  Roger Cageot (France)                Jeroen van Koert (Australia)
 14.  Helene Dillard (France)              Wil Gommans (The Netherlands)
 15.  Wicher Otten (The Netherlands)       Wil Gommans (The Netherlands)
 16.  John Campo (Canada)                  Brian Grant (UK/Scotland)
                                           Wil Gommans (The Netherlands)
 17.  Jenni Collingwood (New Zealand)      Brian Grant (UK/Scotland)
 18.  Majda Cepeljnik (Slovenia)           Matt Makou (France)
 19.  Paul Puppyn (New Zealand)            Jeroen van Koert (Australia)
 20.  Maaike Kuipers (The Netherlands)     Brian Grant (UK/Scotland)
      Olle Olausson (Sweden)               Jeroen van Koert (Australia)
 21.  Roger Cageot (France)                Matt Makou (France)

If your name appears on one of these lists and you have a home page, then send the url to erikt(at) and I will make a link from this page to your home page.

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