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TDF Game 2018: Search for Participant Teams

Search string

This is a search facility for participant teams in the Internet Tour de France Game. You can search for a participant name to get the team of a participant, a country to get all participants from a specific country or a cyclist to get all teams containing a special cyclist. Search examples:

jan modaal
c. froome

Search will be performed case-insensitive. Search tips:

  1. In case you cannot find you name in the list, try searching for the first three characters of your e-mail address with some extra x characters (erikt becomes erixxx).
  2. It is usually enough to specify a part of a name. For example searching for mod will give you the team of Jan Modaal.
  3. If you are searching for a country with a short name, like the UK, then put a colon and a space before the country name like in : uk .

In the overview you will find the number of points per team member per stage, your current overall rank (Ranking), your total number of points (Points) and the points per stage, and your current overall percentile ranking (Percentiles) and the percentile ranking per stage. The percentile ranking is the percentage of other participants that have fewer points than you: 75 means that you have obtained more points than 75% of the rest of the field.

You can also take a look at a list containing all teams (big).

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