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Dutch Celebrities Quiz

Edition: Thursday October 30, 2014

Welcome to the Dutch Celebrities Quiz at ifarm.nl! The Dutch live in a small country in Western Europe: The Netherlands, also known as Holland. Can you identify these ten famous Dutch persons?

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Good luck!


Viggo Waas
Rocky Tuhuteru
Joop den Uyl
Frans Bauer
Wim de Bie
* None of the above *

Jaap van Zweden
Charles Groenhuijsen
Emile Ratelband
Bernard Haitink
Marco Bakker
* None of the above *

Piet de Jong
Erik van Muiswinkel
Jules de Corte
Rutger Hauer
Martin Ros
* None of the above *

Willem Vermeend
Jos Brink
Jean Pierre Rawie
Ronald Waterreus
Mark Huizinga
* None of the above *

Cor Boonstra
John Blankenstein
Laurens Jan Brinkhorst
Pieter van Vollenhoven
Henk van Dorp
* None of the above *

Ronnie Tober
Jan Tinbergen
Ronald Koeman
Ruud de Wild
Wim Kok
* None of the above *

Anton Pieck
Reinout Oerlemans
Jan Keizer
Harmen Siezen
Roelf de Boer
* None of the above *

Paul Haenen
Hans Kraay
Prince Willem-Alexander
Herman Brood
Carlo Boszhard
* None of the above *

Tatjana Simic
Corry Konings
Mies Bouwman
Anita Meyer
Monique van de Ven
* None of the above *

Dick Benschop
Will Luikinga
Jeroen Pauw
Pim Fortuyn
Rob Kamphues
* None of the above *

The images have been collected from different web sources. Use the submission form for notifying us about famous Dutch people we might have forgotten to include here. Background information on some of these Dutch celebrities can be found at the Famous Dutch people page (in Dutch). You can also take a look at the specialized sites on the Royal family, the Dutch government and the Dutch parliament. You might also want to take a look at the Famous Dutch people list.
Last update: Thursday October 30, 2014. erikt(at)xs4all.nl