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The Album Artists Quiz

Edition: Tuesday October 25, 2016

Welcome to the Album Artists Quiz at ifarm.nl! Can you identify the artists of these ten music albums? We also offer a quiz where you can try to recognize album titles.

Don't forget to bookmark this page so that you can visit us again tomorrow when we will offer you ten other questions.

Good luck!


Christina Aguilera
Debbie Gibson
Linda Ronstadt
Alicia Keys
Norah Jones
* None of the above *

Tim McGraw
Lil Wayne
Michael Jackson
Elton John
Bruce Springsteen
* None of the above *

Ohio Players
Death Cab for Cutie
Bon Jovi
Pink Floyd
* None of the above *

The Beatles
Simon & Garfunkel
Isley Brothers
* None of the above *

Green Day
Rage Against The Machine
Pearl Jam
* None of the above *

The Rolling Stones
New Kids on the Block
Boyz II Men
Mr. Mister
The Supremes
* None of the above *

System of a Down
Limp Bizkit
The Monkees
Milli Vanilli
* None of the above *

Peter Frampton
Bob Dylan
Frank Sinatra
* None of the above *

The Prodigy
Fleetwood Mac
Counting Crows
* None of the above *

Bee Gees
The Samshing Pumpkins
The Mamma's And The Papa's
* None of the above *

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