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Anna (Leonni, IN)
Date: 28 Oct 2006, 14:30
I enjoyed your page. Keep up the good work! Feel free to visit my page. It%5C's cool too.r
Mirva Saarijärvi, Turku, Finland, 2001-11-08 13:54
email: mirvas1976(at)hotmail.com
I love Little Spirou!
jarp ~ transient, st augustine , usa, 2000-11-06 02:18
email: jarp77(at)webtv.net
...what pages...I can't even find em'
martin, 2000-09-01 15:22
salem, riyadh, K.S.A, 99-10-05 19:42
email: salem(at)sps.net.sa
ottavia, italy, 99-08-03 11:11
email: cliopopuz(at)hotmail.com
ciao vi scrivo in italiano perchè non ho un'idea di come si scriva in inglese comunque young spirou is great!
quynh tran, san jose, usa, 99-03-01 20:49
email: qatran(at)email.msn.com
Beside Spirou and Fantasio adventure series. Spirou magazine has more to offer, I love the 'Kogaratsu' series and other character of the 70's and 80's. Is there any change these will be translated to English? I think the States has finally paid more attention to the European comics, Moebius novels have been making a killing in the maket. I know also TinTin is doing great too. Let bring on Spirou, the day has come.
join maikel, cairo, egypt, 99-02-08 11:36
email: msgkww(at)hotmail.com
Skittle Baby HL BM, ?, US, 98-02-07 03:42
hows it going?
Harri Kapanen, Savonlinn, Finland, 97-08-29 20:54
email: harri.kapanen(at)pp.inet.fi
Not bad!
Shane Ogilvie, Trios Rivieres, Canada, 97-08-10 18:48
email: Helene_Picard(at)concepta.com
Im from Australia and I discovered Spirou through my girlfriend.I cant read them my self as they are in French but I stll find them very funny. I was wondering if they are avaliable in English as I can not find any.I would appreciate if you could write back and let me know. Thank You.
glacius, angers, france, 97-02-06 13:57
email: bigglacius(at)hotmail.com
spirou est une BD que j apprecie ENORMEMENT! dites moi quand sort le no7,je vous en prie!
haroldo carvalho, rio de janeiro, brasil, 96-12-02 18:00
email: daniel(at)datasus.gov.br
Klas-olof, NEW-YORK, 96-11-28 14:47
The capt John, 96-07-10 03:23
email: Winky(at)bobbit.com
Louise Larsen, 96-07-08 15:17
email: Louise.Larsen(at)saga.telemax.no
And upon that hill shall lie a new day and a new way of thinking............
adriaan Bankart laser(at)cyberltd.co.uk
96-05-04 16:15
Please HELP me... My own URL Guestbook remains unfinished. It always says cannot find.../guesbk please look at www.cyberltd.co.uk/laser/nlaser2.htm and tell me what is wrong after viewing "source" Thanks
Alain Bilodeau bilg6478(at)megatoon.com
96-03-20 01:25
Les Editions Dupuis S.A. who have published Spirou comic books should publish a new book that would explain business people how to use Spirou in merchandising and advertising
Preben AAgedal prebag(at)grm.hia.no
96-03-13 15:19
Jeroen de Vries svries(at)econ.vu.nl
96-01-26 11:31
Ik kan niet wachten op het volgende album!!!!!!
Morten Skumsrud Andersen No
96-01-25 13:54
Good pages! Maybe some more drawings/pictures?
gpritche gpritche(at)northland.lib.mi.us
96-01-13 05:24
of all the things lost -- i miss my mind the most
Eumel s_kzuern(at)rzmain.rz.uni-ulm.de
96-01-09 16:00
He, have you ever find somethings better then the original Spirou?
Claude Levesque levesque(at)gpa.etsmtl.ca
96-01-02 23:55
Sunil Dixit dix1111(at)cup.edu.
95-12-22 19:28
You have a nice beautiful family. Pretty interesting stuff you've got on your homepage. I'm from The United States and live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I'm 25 years old and graduated from a small,private liberal arts college called Allegheny College. It is located in Meadville, Pennsylvania. I graduated in May of 1994 with a B.A. in Psychology and am pursueing a Master of Arts degree in special education at a fairly small public university called California University of Pennsylvania. (Graduate work is SO, SO Hard! Hope i can hang in their.) I have two best friends one of them lives in West Sayville, New York (Long Island) her name is Megan Kwak and after graduating from Allegheny College earlier this year she is now pursueing her Ph.D at Western Michigan. My other best friend's name is Michelle Schnaner and she graduated from Allegheny also but in 1993, and received her teaching certification in elementary education. She is now a part time swim coach for youth camps and a part time substitute teacher (Jobs here are real hard to come by, and even harder to keep!) While at ALlegheny I was the manager of the men's and women's swimming and diving teams for two years. SOme of the best times of my life were in college (I'm sure you feel the same way) Currently, I am working as a graduate assistant for the academic records office at California University of Pennsylvania as a gopher. (I fetch things for my boss, like his mail, etc!) It's not bad though. ANyways, my birthday was on Dec. 18 (the day you were revising your homepage! Neat Huh?! Well have a Merry CHristmas and hope you have a safe and happy holiday with your lovely family. P.S. E-mail me at California of Pa if you're not to busy. Bye!!!
Ewa Carlman sk95-eac(at)amanda.ies.luth.se
95-11-30 17:12
Hello I was just passing by and I just want to say hello from Sweden and ask all the fun people to fill my mailbox. Thanks....
Marc Delafontaine delaf(at)praline.net
95-10-30 04:29
Hi! I am lookink for some infos about the colorist Stephane De Becker... I am a colorist and I want to know much about his techniques. Can you help me? Thanks. Delaf
Torsten Wiedemann Torsten.Wiedemann(at)rug.ac.be.
95-10-26 11:11
Tome en Janry zijn echt waardige opvolgers van Andre Franquin.
OYA ASK Sigrun.Ask(at)ub.uib.no
95-10-21 10:09
Has anybody got the norwegian 1.subscription of SPIROU??
Alf Lindgren anonymous(at)
95-10-18 03:00
I relly like your new idea whit a young Spirou. Maby you shuold change his stoies to a more adventuer style. Like for x he could go to a anouther contry and meet some peopel like in russia or africa.
Sylvie Belanger (Bélanger) belange(at)accent.net
95-09-11 01:50
Hi from Montreal (Canada), Spirou is my favorite comic. Tome and Janry are real genius. I look very intensively all the mouvements of the characters and all the expressions ... it's wonderful! All the stories are funny. Big smack! Sylvie Belanger
alain bilodeau bilg6478(at)megatoon.com
95-08-30 19:08
i wish you write information about Spirou's popularity and Spirou industrial products
jan bex jan.bex(at)concentra.be
95-05-09 23:02
Bemoedigend. Belgische strips op Internet. Indien nieuws rond Kleine Robbe en/of zijn side, een e-mail is altijd welkom. jan bex striprecensent Het Belang van Limburg (belgisch dagblad0
Jeroen van Inkel jeroen.van.inkel(at)veronica.nl
95-02-18 18:24
De Kleine Robbe verdient een Award ! Lang geleden dat ik hardop heb gelachen. Dat kleine mannetje lukt het in één halve pagina !

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