Number of Twitter users in The Netherlands

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20131213 There are regular estimates about how many people in The Netherlands exactly use Twitter. The most recent estimate was released this week from the German market research institute GfK (Gesellschaft för Konsumforschung). They report that in The Netherlands 3.5 million people have a Twitter account and these produce about about 1.7 million messages per day. The user count is similar to to the estimate of TwitterMania of June 2013: 3.4 million users. The message estimate is lower than our own estimate for messages in Dutch in the past week in December 2013: 2.4 million messages per day. But our estimate includes the messages from Flanders. If these amount to about 0.7 million messages per day and the number of Dutch messages from outside The Netherlands equals the number of non-Dutch messages from The Netherlands then these numbers match.

Post in ICTnieuws

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ictnieuws The website was mentioned on the weblog ICTnieuws. In the article TwiNL: Twitter in de les, Jan Lepeltak presents and gives examples of its application for research and in education. The blog post is written in Dutch.

Post mentioned in NRC

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20131122 The website was mentioned in the Science edition of last weekend’s NRC newspaper (16 November 2013, page W3). In the column Nieuwe media, nieuwe genres (New media, new genres), Nicoline van der Sijs referred to as a tool for researchers to study various aspects of Dutch tweets.


Bug Firefox 25

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Firefox 25 bug Unfortunately, version 25 of the web browser Firefox, released in October 2013, contains a bug which causes the labels of the time graphs on to be displayed at incorrect positions. The bug is caused by the fact that Firefox 25 ignores the style option text-anchor in svg files. We do not know how to solve this problem. Other browsers, like Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari and even Firefox version 24, do not have this problem.

Postscript: the position of the graph labels was corrected on 23 November 2013 (see comments).


Article in Standaard

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language map On Monday 4 November 2013, the website was mentioned in the Flemish newspaper De Standaard. In the article Twittertalen in Nederland en Vlaanderen (in Dutch, subscription required), Nicoline van der Sijs discusses the use of Dutch in tweets originating from The Netherlands and Flanders. The main findings are that most tweets (84%) from these areas are written in Dutch, that the percentages in Dutch provinces are higher than in Flemish provinces and that the province of Flemish Brabant has the smallest share of Dutch tweets, most probably because the tweets from the bilingual area Brussels were included in the counts for this province. The data mentioned in the article originated from Language identification was performed automatically. The most interesting tweets for this article were the bilingual ones but finding these proved to be a very hard task.