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20140120On Monday 20 January 2014, our website was mentioned in the Dutch national newspaper De Volkskrant. The full-page article Ook op Blue Monday zijn we een vrolijk twittervolk (Even on Blue Monday we are happy on Twitter; page 6) focusses on the sentiment of Dutch tweets.

The article spawned an interview on Dutch national radio (Radio 1; from about minute 20:00). Two additional interviews about the topic were broadcasted on regional radio stations: Radio Noord Holland (16:00 frame; start at 52:46) and RTV Emmen (17:15). The results of the article were also mentioned on the prime Dutch Twitter blog Twittermania and in the tv programme RTL Late Night (with host Humberto Tan) in the item of Luuk Ikink (starts at minute 15:46).

On Tuesday 21 January, the results of the sentiment analysis were mentioned by the regional broadcasting corporation of the province Limburg: L1. Belgian national newspaper De Morgen reported about the sentiment in Flanders.

The Volkskrant article contains a map which is based on a municipality map you can find on This map is created from an offical list of municipality borders from 1-1-2012 which means that the municipality fusions of the last two years have not been incorporated. also creates sentiment summaries for provinces related to searches which are restricted to tweets which contain a gps location. An example for this is the search for all geo tweets (twinl-geo) from December 2013 (also on the right). Apart from the 12 Dutch provinces, this map also includes the five Flemish provinces. To our surprise, the Flemish provinces obtain lower sentiment scores than the Dutch provinces. A good explanation for this is not easy to find but the difference could be caused by the dictionary used for assessing sentiment. If Flemish tweets use a different vocabulary for expressing sentiment than the Dutch tweets, it would be harder for Flemish regions to deviate from the neutral sentiment score. This would explain why their averages are lower than the Dutch average scores. crashed at 15:06 today. The last registered processor load was 524. Tuesday is a maintenance day at SURFsara, so the website is going to be unavailable until at least Wednesday 22 January.

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