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clin24 The 24th meeting of Computational Linguistics in The Netherlands (CLIN 24) was hosted at the University of Leiden on Friday 17 January 2014. Two talks mentioned using the website

Nander Speerstra and Hans van Halteren presented a method for automatic gender detection from tweet texts and compared this with the approach used on By using hundreds of tweets per user they were able to identify the gender of 95% of them correctly, compared to the 87% accuracy achieved by and other related work.

Florian Kunneman and Antal van den Bosch used tweets collected from to indentify future events and predict the day on which the event will happen. For Dutch football games, they were able to automatically predict the correct day of the event about a week in advance, based on tweet data.

A full list of talks and abstracts of the event can be found on the CLIN website.

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