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FactMine Dutch Set Demo

The FactMine Dutch set demo provides access to the current version of FactMine's Dutch word sets. The sets have been identified from conjunctions and disjunctions mined from about 300 million words from newspaper and news wire text (the Twente News Corpus).

Enter a Dutch word below and press submit in order to retrieve a set of related items. The maximum size of the set (cardinality; default 10) as well as the frequency score threshold (default 3) can be changed to different values.

Comments on this demo can be send to Erik Tjong Kim Sang (e-mail address at the bottom of the page).

set cardinality: score threshold:

Date current version: 20070910. Similar colors of the first five related words indicate stronger relationships. Gosse Bouma and Lonneke van der Plas supply a similar set demo. For English there is Google Sets and a similar demo by Patrick Pantel.
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